Cats Tools and Supplies

Despite being low-maintenance pets, cats still depend on the owner for food, training, health care, and attention. They need food and water and a place for resting and sleeping. Taking care of your cat means being able to provide for its physical and health needs. They are susceptible to some diseases, too, such as ticks, cancer, diabetes, and feline leukemia, so health care should in place. Cats are also known to display certain undesirable behaviors such as scratching and spraying; a cat owner has to learn how to correct these problems. Cost towards cat equipment is low, as a cat's needs are minimal - unless you have a pedigreed pet. Ongoing costs will be towards food and veterinary fees. Ideally, cats should be allowed to roam outside, but they are safer from infectious diseases, road kill, and injury when kept inside the house. When provided with toys, companion pet, and scratching post, your pet cat can have a satisfying life indoor.

Cat Grooming Supplies

Cats love to groom themselves. Have you noticed how they always lick their paws or wipe their faces after eating or after a tussle with another cat? That doesn't mean they don't need grooming from you. If you want your cat to look their best all the time, some grooming tools are essential. Combs and Brushes: Regularly brushing your cat will minimize hairball building and prevent matting...


Basic Cat Care Tools and Supplies

Identification Tags: Every pet should have an identification tag complete with your name, address, and phone number - in case they become lost. Food and Water Bowls: Cats tend to be allergic to plastic. Constant contact with plastic can give your pet pimple-like rashes on their chin. Choose food and water bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic instead. The size of the food bowl should be large...


Cat Health Care Essentials

Cat-only Vets: Vets are the best help for any medical-related issue, including worms, leukemia, bronchitis, and many more. When choosing a pet veterinarian, make sure he or she can be reached 24/7. Vaccinations: Vaccine shots are essential preventive health care for your pet. A cat requires a series of shots to make them free of diseases and live longer. Check your cat's vaccination schedule...


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