Basic Cat Care

Feeding: For kittens, high-caloric foods are a must as kittens have very high energy levels. You can find plenty of quality canned kitten foods in the grocery or pet store. If you have an adult cat, feed your pet a mix of canned (moist) food and dry food. This is the best way to keep your cat healthy and within their ideal weight. Fill their drinking glass or bowl with fresh drinking water at al...


Handling and Training

Litter Training: As with any other training, what you want to do is establish a routine or habit for your cat. Choose a litter box with plenty of room for your kitten to move around. To train your kitten to use the litter box for relieving, put your kitten in the tray after a meal or after they wake up. When it comes to litter training a cat, positive reinforcement can be very effective. Don'...


Selecting a Cat

Breed is an important criterion for many people planning to get a cat as pet. Of the 100+ breeds of cats around the world, 41 are pedigreed. Siamese Cats: Siamese cats come with striking pointed colored features on their tail, feet, ears, and face. Almond-shaped eyes are blue in color. They are affectionate, quick-witted, and love to jump around. Like dogs, they are not very friendly with strang...


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