Cat Health Care Essentials

Cat-only Vets: Vets are the best help for any medical-related issue, including worms, leukemia, bronchitis, and many more. When choosing a pet veterinarian, make sure he or she can be reached 24/7.

Vaccinations: Vaccine shots are essential preventive health care for your pet. A cat requires a series of shots to make them free of diseases and live longer. Check your cat's vaccination schedule with your veterinarian.

Pet Insurance: Like any form of insurance, pet insurance is a gamble. Your pet may remain healthy all its life or it may become ill later on. For any serious cat owner, however, pet insurance is a great preventive care you can give your pet. It can help during major medical problems such as cancer and FUS, as well as during any emergency care. Your vet or pet store may be able to direct you where to get the best pet insurance plans. Before signing to a policy, find out what the exclusions are, the deductibles and co-pay, and the offered benefits.

Home Vet Books: Some cat problems, particularly behavioral problems, don't require a trip to the veterinarian. A good home vet book can provide you insight on how to address cat problems such as scratching or spraying. A home vet book can also help you identify symptoms of illnesses and the treatment for them.

First-Aid Kit: Cats are susceptible to many ailments including diarrhea, worm infestation, and hairball. Having a first aid kit that includes medicines for these common ailments allow you to provide timely treatment at all times.



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