Handling and Training

Litter Training: As with any other training, what you want to do is establish a routine or habit for your cat. Choose a litter box with plenty of room for your kitten to move around. To train your kitten to use the litter box for relieving, put your kitten in the tray after a meal or after they wake up. When it comes to litter training a cat, positive reinforcement can be very effective. Don't force your cat to use the litter box; instead, praise them when they use the litter box. Cats are clean animals, so make sure the litter tray is clean at all times. If the litter tray is dirty, your pet might refuse to use it. Place the litter box in a quiet place as cats. Like humans, they don't want to be observed when doing their "business".

Spraying: Cats are territorial animals. When they want to define their territory, they spray it. Spraying is different from urinating, and cat owners should be able to tell the differences. If they pee on the wall, it is spraying; if they pee on the floor, then it is urinating. Spraying is often a sign of emotional problem, such as frustration or insecurity. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to bring your cat to a vet to have it neutered; neutered cats are less likely to spray. Another way is to determine and address the cause of your pet's anxiety. To stop your pet from spraying, cover the floor surrounding the area where your cat is spraying with a tin foil or double sided tape. Your cat will not like the feel on their paws. Next, clean the sprayed area with 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water. When done, spray it with a citrus-scented repellant. Your cat will not like the smell.

Scratching: Buy a scratch post, then encourage your cat to use it by leaving cat biscuits near the post. Rubbing the post with catnip is also effective. To discourage your pet from using their old scratching places (your kitchen door, perhaps), cover the area with a double-sided tape.



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