Selecting a Cat

Breed is an important criterion for many people planning to get a cat as pet. Of the 100+ breeds of cats around the world, 41 are pedigreed.

Siamese Cats: Siamese cats come with striking pointed colored features on their tail, feet, ears, and face. Almond-shaped eyes are blue in color. They are affectionate, quick-witted, and love to jump around. Like dogs, they are not very friendly with strangers.

Absynnian Cats: Absynnian cats are more expensive than most breeds of cats. However, if you like a people-oriented cat who likes to be by your side all the time, this is the one to own.

Oriental Cats: Oriental cats are very intelligent cats. They are very curious, too. They love opening drawers and doors.

American Shorthair: The American Shorthair is an "alley cat" with mixed parentage. American Shorthair cats are gentle and affectionate. If you have a pet dog at home, American Shorthairs are a good option as they are amicable to other animals.

Tonkinese: Like dogs, Tonkinese love "hide and seek" games and will greet you when you come home. However, Tonkinese tend to destroy things when they are left alone at home.

Sphynx: Also known as "Hairless Cats", Sphynx are very active cats and the constantly crave human attention. Sphynx cats have bigger appetite than most cats, too.

Persian Cats: They are considered the royalty of cat kingdom. These very attractive-looking cats are best known for their long, fluffy coat and cute face. Because of their long hair, however, Persian Cats need extensive grooming and health care measures against skin diseases.



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