Cat Grooming Supplies

Cats love to groom themselves. Have you noticed how they always lick their paws or wipe their faces after eating or after a tussle with another cat? That doesn't mean they don't need grooming from you. If you want your cat to look their best all the time, some grooming tools are essential.

Combs and Brushes: Regularly brushing your cat will minimize hairball building and prevent matting. The type of comb or brush that best suit your cat depends on the length and texture of their hair. Short-haired cats require finer combs, while long-haired combs will do well with wide-toothed combs.

Bathing Supplies: Sometimes, cats get too dirty or their hair becomes too matted that a good bath is the only way to improve their looks. If your pet doesn't like getting wet, usea waterless shampoo and grooming wipes. If your pet has no bathing issues, just go with a regular cat shampoo and towel to dry your cat after a bath. If your cat is infested with fleas, tick, or other parasites, use a flea and tick control shampoo.

Cat Tootbrush and Toothpaste: These are the essentials for keeping their teeth in top condition. Dental health alternatives to regular cat toothbrush are finger toothbrush and dental chew toys.

Nail Clippers: Cat's don't like their nails trimmed, but if you have kids, keeping your pet's nails short is a must. Never use a scissor to trim your pet's nails.

Ear Cleaners: There are plenty of cat grooming supplies for maintaining your pet's ear health. These include ear wipes and pads, ear cleaners, and antiseptics.



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