Basic Cat Care Tools and Supplies

Identification Tags: Every pet should have an identification tag complete with your name, address, and phone number - in case they become lost.

Food and Water Bowls: Cats tend to be allergic to plastic. Constant contact with plastic can give your pet pimple-like rashes on their chin. Choose food and water bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic instead. The size of the food bowl should be large to contain a cup or two of cat food. Place a mat under the dishes to catch spills and make cleaning easy.

Litter Box: Also known as sandbox or catbox, a litter box functions as urine and feces disposal box for cats. Litter boxes come in all manners of sizes and materials.

Scratch Post: This tool is just as essential for cats as much as food and water are. Cats, like humans, need exercise. Exercise for cats come in the form of scratching surfaces. Because of their sharp claws, however, they end up damaging your property. The purpose of a scratch post is provide your pet with an acceptable place to mar. It's the most effective solution to your cat's natural urge to scratch. Scratching posts come in a variety of designs, surfaces, and planes. When choosing a scratch post, the most important factor to consider is its stability. If a post is unstable, your pet might be discouraged to use it.

Cat Toys: Cats love playing with string, but there are plenty other choices on the market. The ideal cat toys are those that cannot be swallowed or splintered and have no sharp ends. Hard rubber mouse and rattling celluloid balls are some of the popular options.



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