Should I keep my cat indoors or allow him outdoors?

For years, there has been a debate on whether pet owners should keep their cat indoors or allow them outdoors. Ultimately, the decision lies on the pet owner. Generally speaking, however, indoor cats are safer cats. Many veterinarians also feel strongly about keeping cats indoors. Outdoors, cats are exposed to many kinds of dangers. Hundreds of cats die each month from being hit by motor vehicles. Outdoor cats are prone to getting lost, too. Some dog owners let their dogs run loose and threaten the life of your cat. Your pet may also get into a scuffle with another territorial cat. Even if your cat gets away physically undamaged, he might get fleas, ticks, or diseases such FeLV through contact. Statistics show that indoor cats live up to 3 times longer than cats allowed to roam outside.

It is in cat's nature to chase, hunt, and play. They need to do physical activities, or each day or they become aggressive. If you feel that exposing your cat to fresh air and sunshine is best for their health, there other alternatives. Consider constructing an enclosure on your property where your pet can safely enjoy the outdoors. Keep your cat from getting bored by providing cat toys. Many cat toys are environmentally enriching, allowing pets to interact with the environment and get the exercise they need. If your pet really loves roaming outside, put on a leash or collar and walk your cat as you would a dog.



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